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20 May 2012

Drottningholm Slottet, a day on the royal estate

The trip is nearing its end :o(  Except for the nights not being dark (enough) and our sleep therefor being shortened, this has really been a wonderful travel experience.  Too bad, I'll be back at work on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, I have a few pictures to share of today's visits.  We took the boat to Drottningholm Palace, the private residence of the Swedish royal family.  The visit of the palace itself was restricted to well-defined areas and again no picture taking was allowed. But we did the visit before heading out to the park to admire the layout of the French gardens and the water features.  As in the palace, half of the garden was closed to the public but there was enough area to cover as it was.

Within the setting of the park, there is the Kina Slott, the Chinese pavilion, a little summer palace King Gustave III gave to his Queen as a birthday present.  The first building got dismantled a decade after its construction due to rust, before being rebuilt. We were lucky enough to merge with a little group who was having a guided tour of the premises and learned quite a few things about the rococo architecture and the orientalism in fashion in the 18th century.  Again no pictures allowed, a habit in the royal palaces apparently ...

As you can tell from these pictures we had again a hot and sunny day.  We have been really lucky with the weather on this travel.  As a result the sunburn only got worse today ...  I fear that the lobster skintone is here to stay.

Tomorrow will be our last day in Stockholm.  I feel I'm going to miss this place.


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