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14 May 2012

First travel post and final countdown

I should find a way to adapt this template to display the date of the posts, which somehow it refuses to do.  Nevertheless that will be something for after the holidays, because I don't have to time to tweak it before departure.

So final countdown : two more nights sleep and we'll be heading to Nordens Venedig, the Nordic Venice, the City on the Water ... you guessed it, Sweden's capital ... Stockholm.

By Oke Fredrik Posse/Stryngford Photo Michael Krautwasser/en:User:Micha221, Fredrik Posse/Stryngford Photo Brorsson Mastad Grishasergei MindBlocker Jürgen Howaldt Samwong124 [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

ETA : I just changed the template of the blog again.  This way the date appears at least.


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