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15 May 2012

Sverige, här kommer jag.

I haven't had any days off since last Christmas, so I am really looking forward to finally enjoying a well-deserved vacation.  For the first time, we'll be travelling to Northern Europe. Surprisingly it didn't take too much to convince my other half to travel north for a change.  The thing is, with the weather being what it is over here (i.e. awful in general), we usually tend to look for sunny destinations to spend our off days.  Obviously Stockholm won't be hot (see below) but if we can keep the rain at bay and grab a little sunshine along the way, I'm sure we'll have a great time.

Final checklist before departure:
  • Online check-in on tomorrow's flight         OK
  • Contacting landlord to confirm our arrival time         OK
  • Printing all the confirmation documents         OK
  • Printing the finetuned visit programme         OK
  • Printing the address labels for the holiday cards        OK
  • Downloading Swedish translator apps for the phone         OK
  • Confirm taxi pick-up at 7.00 tomorrow         OK

Well, considering my suitcase is packed, I guess we're ready for take-off.

Sweden here I come.  Sverige, här kommer jag.


  1. ¡Feliz Viaje Ingrid! Estocolmo tiene que ser una ciudad preciosa, bueno, Suecia en general... tan distinta a España... fresquita, verde y con suecos guapos jajaja... Aquí iré siguiendo tus actualizaciones :-)